About Goldcoin?

Mission Statement

Features of Goldcoin GLC

Where to Buy

The Problems with Cryptocurrencies

His top 11 list outlines why GLC remains a top crypto investment option:

GOLDCOIN (GLC) Moves to GOLDCOIN.ORG: And Is Ready To Meet The Needs of Smart Traders

And GOLDCOIN (GLC) recently added three new experienced developers in its continuing effort to keep its network the best in the sector.

GOLDCOIN (GLC) price jumps 113% to $0.36 — on Heavy Trading Volume

Block Retargets and Rewards

Block Targets:

Block Rewards:

(The values below are post-fork in development/dispute values)

The reward is then reduced each year using the following formula:

50 divided by (1.1 + 0.49*every year thereafter)

Inflation Rate and Comparisons

GoldCoin’s inflation rate is slow and consistent as compared to others:

2021 Roadmap

2020 World Conference Tour Schedule

Tour Schedule

Are you ready for the Gold Standard of digital currency?

Our Team

Learn more about the project:



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